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So, what is Servicing all about?

Larger mortgage lenders may decide not to sell a loan they originate on the secondary market. They may choose to retain the loan in their portfolio of assets and service it themselves.


Servicing means collecting payments and performing all aspects of customer service expected between the borrower and the note-holder. This may mean less immediate cash flow but more long-term profit.


Mortgage lenders that retain their loans may service them in-house or hire a third-party “sub-servicer.” Either way, great care needs to be taken with customer service, as retention is the key to a profitable portfolio.


Software solutions and third parties may help lenders streamline their loan servicing processes or help them find dependable sub-servicers.

Servicing Benefits

For Mortgage Professionals

More Profit

Retained loans can be more profitable over the long term.

Happy Customers

By servicing their own loans and doing it well, agencies can set a standard of customer service that leads to referrals and repeat business.

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