Blog post by Adam Carmel, CEO & Founder, Polly

Addressing a decades-long void

While various industries have been quick to adopt modern, cloud-native technology to streamline internal processes and workflows, specific categories within the mortgage space have historically gone untouched. Interesting, in an era where homebuyer research begins online and all but demands quick action across the board. 


Plagued by antiquated legacy software solutions and no substantial disruption in 20+ years, it is clear that fundamental gaps exist in mortgage SaaS. Back in 2016, we saw an incredible opportunity in an untapped category. While most industry innovators had focused on point-of-sale, loan origination, and loan servicing solutions, Polly viewed capital markets as its own category. 

Along came Polly

With deep domain, institutional, and technical knowledge, Polly is driving mortgage innovation forward to transform the industry. Top that off with a maniacal focus on the customer.


Having developed the first and only cloud-native, vertically integrated capital markets solution, Polly’s tech begins at the point of sale and runs through the loan lifecycle into the secondary market — specifically focusing on the capital markets value chain. 


Polly is a manifestation of multiple pain points felt across the industry for decades. 


This goes beyond innovation. Polly places equal importance on lifting the burden off the mortgage lender. This customer-centric approach begins immediately with one dedicated point of contact from implementation kickoff, through training and go live. While legacy solutions can take upwards of 180+ days to well over a year to implement, Polly’s entire onboarding process takes an average of just 4-6 weeks, and we handle 90% of implementation and configuration. Customers are only asked to complete testing in their environment to ensure that all custom workflows and processes align to their specific business needs. Need more customization? We’ve got you covered.


We view ourselves as a mechanism for lenders to drive down costs and increase revenue, which is increasingly important in the market we’re in today. We also place tremendous value on eliminating any friction when lenders leave legacy solutions to join our growing network.

There’s no intent to slow down

Company growth is certainly an indicator of the rapid adoption that Polly’s modern, proven PPE has experienced. From January 1, 2021 to today, we have increased internal headcount by more than 261%, with approximately half of our total headcount focused solely on product. 


Our tech ecosystem leverages patent-pending technology to automate and optimize all areas of the capital markets and secondary marketing functions. We will continue to leverage this non-replicable technology, paired with machine learning and artificial intelligence, to develop additional products and services that drive customer ROI.

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