Let’s talk Compliance/QA

So, what is Compliance/QA all about?

Mortgage lenders operate under heavy compliance burdens, and it’s only getting more stringent. To make matters worse, compliance is a moving target. New rules are constantly introduced, old regulations amended, etc.


The process of validating compliance with regulations is called quality assurance. Failures in compliance can lead to backbreaking fines and even cause regulators to shut down a mortgage lender.


Larger mortgage lenders may have in-house compliance officers, but smaller mortgage lenders may rely on outsourcing. Automated software solutions can help streamline compliance and save lenders money while continuing to stave off the devastating consequences of non-compliance.

Compliance/QA Benefits

For Mortgage Professionals

Reduced Costs

Compliance automation helps lenders reduce reliance on compliance officer personnel.

Stay Compliant

Effective quality assurance can help lenders avoid fines and reduce audits that could have a long-term negative affect on their business and resources.

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Mortgage Specific Compliance/QA Companies


ComplianceEase TRID Monitor
Jungo: The Mortgage
QLink Mortgage
Quest Advisors



Compliance/QA Resources

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We go through the complete decision-making process when choosing the right technology vendors, helping you make the most of every step.


Compliance/QA Insights

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