Let’s talk AMC and Valuation

So, what is AMC and Valuation all about?

An appraisal management company (AMC) is required to act as a neutral third party between the appraiser and the lender. This reduces the potential for collusion or corruption, ensuring that the lender, borrower, and seller benefit from a fair appraisal. AMC software solutions streamline the relationship of the AMC with the appraiser and the lender, significantly reducing the time it takes to process appraisals.


Essentially, these software solutions are a “point of sale” for AMCs to perform their role as go-between, eliminating friction while maintaining accountability. Additionally, some loans may qualify for a waiver of the appraisal if they meet certain conditions. These loans may be eligible for approval based on an automated valuation by specialized software.

AMC and Valuation Benefits

For Mortgage Professionals

Saves Time

AMC software solutions reduce the friction between ordering and delivering the appraisal from appraiser to lender while remaining compliant.

Possible Appraisal Waiver

Some loans may be eligible for automated valuation and waiver of appraisal, saving the borrower time and money in appraisal expenses and scheduling.

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Optimize your appraisal operations

Reggora is a modern appraisal technology company that streamlines the appraisal process for mortgage lenders and their appraisal vendors.

The Appraisal Management Process Made Easy

The Appraisal Management Process Made Easy
EVO, from Global DMS, streamlines the appraisal management for lenders and AMCs with the most intelligent and easy-to-use appraisal technology that is 100% configurable to your business and automates routine tasks to reduce turn-times up to 30%.

Mortgage Specific AMC and Valuation Companies

Clear Capital
Culture Amp

Global DMS


Performance Culture
Performance Pro
Primalogik 360

Qualtrics Emplo


Trakstar Performance Management


AMC and Valuation Resources

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We go through the complete decision-making process when choosing the right technology vendors, helping you make the most of every step.


AMC and Valuation Insights

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