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So, what is Fraud all about?

Mortgage fraud comes in many shapes and sizes. It may involve taking out more than one loan against the property, laundering money, obtaining a mortgage under false pretenses, or obtaining a mortgage under a false identity.


Mortgage fraud is costly. As of 2020, every $1 in fraud incurs $3.56 in correction costs, up 8% from the previous year.


Specialized technologies and verification services exist to identify fraud before a fraudulent loan can be closed or fraudulent activity completed.

Fraud Solutions & Benefits

For Mortgage Professionals

Avoid Expensive Mistakes

Fraud can be costly. Technologies and verification services prevent mortgage lenders from suffering financially due to mortgage fraud.

Catch Fraud Early

A deep search of borrower data may uncover the borrower’s true identity, as well as undisclosed real estate, liens, or debts that will disqualify the borrower before it is too late.

Prevent Double-Dealing

Alerts can notify lenders of borrowers who apply for more than one loan against the same property.

Identify Fraudulent Patterns

Automated software systems can track all data points, making sure everything lines up and raises no red flags.

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Fraud Insights

FundingShield Q3 2022 Fraud Analytics

Commentary from FundingShield’s CEO Ike Suri Wire and title fraud risk reached a new record in the third quarter of 2022 at 47.9% of transactions

FundingShield Q1 2021 Fraud Analytics

Wire and title fraud risk spiked in the first quarter of this year. While closing and settlement firms leveraged new RON, eClosing and other automation

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