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So, what are Pricing Engines all about?

A pricing engine is an automated software solution that allows the mortgage originator to enter variables like employment details, credit details, and desired loan details. When the data is submitted, the pricing engine returns different loan pricing scenarios based on a borrower’s unique profile.


With a pricing engine, lenders can easily present options to buyers across a range of possible interest rates and loan programs, helping them target the right mortgage for their needs.

Pricing Engines Benefits

For Mortgage Professionals

Saves Time and Money

A pricing engine easily and quickly compiles data that would take hours or days for a professional employee to gather.

Meet Customer Needs

When you can present a customer with options and match them to the right loan, it builds trust and customer satisfaction, leading to referrals and customer retention.

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Meet Polly

Polly operates the mortgage industry’s first and only cloud-native, commercially scalable pricing engine. Since its introduction in 2019, Polly has continued to propel unmatched innovation and functional depth that enables lenders to turn their secondary and capital markets function into a high-performing profit center.

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