Let’s talk Process and Operations Automation

So, what is Process and Operations Automation all about?

Process and operations automation engages robotic software programming to perform mundane, time-consuming, redundant or low-level tasks. That way, human labor can focus on highest and best use activities.


Process automation can help unify data across all applicable platforms and reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare documents from hours to minutes.


Another benefit many lenders are taking advantage of is the automation of compliance tasks during the mortgage process like disclosures.

Process and Operations Automation Benefits

For Mortgage Professionals

Cuts Costs

Process and operations automation reduces labor costs by delegating tedious or repetitive tasks to software programs.

Better Resource Allocation

Personnel can focus on high-value tasks like prospecting, networking, or closing new business.

Happier Team

With fewer tedious and mundane tasks on their to-do list, the team will have higher job satisfaction and motivation.

Scale Your Business

Automation helps a lender seamlessly scale — for example, by making it just as easy to process 1,000 disclosure forms as it is to process 100.

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Mortgage Specific Process and Operations Automation Companies

Optimize your appraisal operations

Reggora is a modern appraisal technology company that streamlines the appraisal process for mortgage lenders and their appraisal vendors.

Meet Encapture

Encapture is the all-in-one platform that turns your documents into data. Designed to streamline modern document management, our document automation improves team efficiency and makes back office and compliance a breeze for lenders and banks.

Meet FileInvite

FileInvite is the gold standard for information and document collection, trusted by thousands of customers worldwide. By automating information collection in document-heavy workflows, FileInvite helps you create a seamless digital experience for your clients — with time to close improved by as much as 50%.

Meet Indecomm

Indecomm is a mortgage technology and business services provider, blending mortgage expertise with technology ingenuity to carefully design solutions for the entire loan life cycle. Our mortgage automation solutions include DecisionGenius, BotGenius, IncomeGenius, AuditGenius, and more.

Meet Capacity

Capacity is an AI-powered mortgage support automation platform that connects your entire tech stack to answer questions, automate repetitive support tasks, and build solutions to any business challenge. Capacity provides everything you need to support your borrowers, sellers, and support staff in one powerful platform.

Meet Candor

Candor’s Machine as an Underwriter is the only solution built using Autonomous Intelligence. That’s why only Candor can make complex underwriting decisions with zero human review or assist. In addition to OCR, complex income calculation and data validation & verification, Candor conducts “beyond the guidelines” information scrutiny to identify and resolve defects. Candor’s decisions are backed by a warranty.


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