Let’s talk Process and Operations Automation

So, what is Process and Operations Automation all about?

Process and operations automation engages robotic software programming to perform mundane, time-consuming, redundant or low-level tasks. That way, human labor can focus on highest and best use activities.


Process automation can help unify data across all applicable platforms and reduce the amount of time it takes to prepare documents from hours to minutes.


Another benefit many lenders are taking advantage of is the automation of compliance tasks during the mortgage process like disclosures.

Process and Operations Automation Benefits

For Mortgage Professionals

Cuts Costs

Process and operations automation reduces labor costs by delegating tedious or repetitive tasks to software programs.

Better Resource Allocation

Personnel can focus on high-value tasks like prospecting, networking, or closing new business.

Happier Team

With fewer tedious and mundane tasks on their to-do list, the team will have higher job satisfaction and motivation.

Scale Your Business

Automation helps a lender seamlessly scale — for example, by making it just as easy to process 1,000 disclosure forms as it is to process 100.

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Mortgage Specific Process and Operations Automation Companies

AIQ by ICE Mortgage Technology
Amazon Textract
Automation Anywhere

Lending DocAI by Google
Loan Logics
SoftWorks AI

UI Path


Process and Operations Automation Resources

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