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So, what is Customer Experience all about?

Business acquisition is essential, but it’s just the beginning. Mystery shoppers routinely discover that loan officers and sales reps fail to properly follow up with new prospects. It’s a huge missed opportunity.


Customer experience is an individual’s start-to-finish perception of the lender and how they interact with clients.


For mortgage borrowers, best-in-class customer experience includes transparency throughout the loan origination process, accessible personnel through quick callbacks and follow-up messages, gifts and thank you’s at closing, birthday cards, annual loan reviews, etc. Every aspect of the customer’s interaction with the lender should be thought about and evaluated.


Software solutions can automate the customer relationship process, including automated follow-ups and reminders of milestones to nurture the customer relationship for the long term. Also, software and automation can assist with collecting customer experience feedback and making sure positive reviews are marketed online.

Customer Experience Benefits

For Mortgage Professionals

Excellent Follow-Up

Most lenders fail to follow up diligently. Focusing on the customer experience is a massive competitive advantage.

Close More Business

Going above and beyond on customer experience is the key to building repeat and sustainable business.

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Mortgage Specific Customer Experience Companies


Meet Insellerate

Insellerate, the true mortgage CRM, helps lenders close more loans by increasing efficiency gains across sales, marketing, operations, and management.

Meet FinLocker

FinLocker transforms the way consumers prepare for a mortgage by aggregating and analyzing their financial data to offer a personalized journey to achieve loan eligibility. Consumers benefit from financial management tools and education, and data sharing for a transaction. Mortgage lenders private-label the FinLocker app to nurture leads, streamline the loan process, and create customers for life.

Meet Homebot

The average client retention rate for loan officers sits at just 20% – that’s where Homebot comes in. Homebot helps lenders create client-for-life relationships by keeping their clients engaged before, during, and after the transaction. Through powerful home finance insights, Homebot positions loan officers as the trusted advisors their clients can rely on throughout the entire homeownership lifecycle.

Meet Mortgage Coach

Mortgage Coach is an award-winning borrower conversion platform that gives consumers the confidence to transact with educational presentations that model loan performance over time. The company’s side-by-side loan comparisons allow borrowers to make faster, more informed mortgage decisions while enabling lenders to consistently deliver an on-brand, consultative home financing experience that increases borrower conversion, repeat business and referrals.


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Customer Experience Insights

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