Let’s talk Integrations

So, what are Integrations all about?

Software integrations allow critical software solutions to “talk” to each other and interact. Software solutions from the same developer often integrate easily, but developers design software solutions to integrate with popular software solutions by other developers.


For example, your lead funnel might integrate with your CRM to automatically update customer information. It might also integrate with your email management system to activate automated email follow-ups for new leads. Combining your point of sale with your loan origination system creates a seamless application system that eliminates human effort and human error.

Integrations Benefits

For Mortgage Professionals

Choose the Best Software

Software integrations allow you to use the most popular and effective software solutions in concert with each other.

More Cash Flow

By choosing the right integrations, you can create a seamless, interconnected ecosystem that reduces labor costs, increases efficiency, and improves conversions.

Scale Your Operation

Integrations allow you to scale your tech stack through interconnected technology and automation.

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Mortgage Specific Integrations Companies

Jungo: The Mortgage

Surefire CRM
The Loan Office




Integrations Resources

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  • Whitepapers

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Choosing the Right Technology Vendor

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Integrations Insights

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