Blog-Why Select Best-in-Breed Mortgage Technology

Picking the right mortgage technology for your business isn’t simple. Each solution has its own strengths and weaknesses but they tend to fall into two separate categories: best-in-breed or all-inclusive.

While having everything available in one package is enticing, it may not be what your mortgage business needs. BeSmartee is here to explain that while it may seem like the all-inclusive package can do everything, it’s not the best at everything. Best-in-breed solutions are the only ones that will improve your bottom line.

What is All-Inclusive?

An all-inclusive solution is similar to a multi-tool, a portable, multi-functional tool for various needs and activities.

Settling for the all-inclusive solution versus picking up the individual tools is a risky move. The mini tools might get the job done — but if you could pick, it probably wouldn’t be your first choice. Would a carpenter choose a multi-tool over other specialized tools? Probably not.


As a lender, the “buy the LOS, get the POS for free” situation might seem like you’re getting a great deal, but it’s not going to help you in the long run.

What is a Best-in-Breed Solution?

A best-in-breed solution allows you to pick and choose the best technology that fits your needs instead of trying to find a tech solution that is everything to everyone. Lenders can mix and match specialized services from various vendors on a personalized level.


Utilizing this approach, lenders are no longer tied to a single vendor. You can be sure that the best-in-breed technology was crafted by specialists for a specific purpose instead of an all-in-one suite that offers a broad range of tools.


The best-in-breed approach doesn’t only apply to the mortgage industry. Craig Milley, Principal Consultant at Wayfinder Consulting, used this approach when seeking technology to support procurement improvements for the Cayman Islands government.


Instead of the all-in-one approach, his team chose purpose-built software to meet unique needs.

Where All-Inclusive Solutions Fall Short

The most obvious drawback is that an all-inclusive solution means you are choosing one system. With such a wide range of tools, what if they don’t perform as you expected or you start to notice shortcomings as your business scales?

Another problem is that you’re making sacrifices. Although the all-inclusive, single-vendor network may be simple to use, you aren’t in control of what comes in that package. You may end up with tools and features that you never use and missing some that you need.


So, why choose specialized technology, like BeSmartee’s Mortgage Point-of-Sale (POS), instead of the all-inclusive package? Here are some key advantages:

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