How We Got Here.

MIC Conference recap

When the Mortgage Innovators Conference launched in 2019, it was a bold move for the mortgage industry. At that time, though, the concept was simpler. We intended for our standalone conference to bring together experts, industry leaders, and of course, innovators. The first conference was a major success, and after the pandemic started, we transitioned to an all-virtual model. It was unclear going into that conference where we stood, but because we knew that we were offering our conference attendees real value, we pressed on. Afterward, it was clear that we had tapped into something immense. We looked at our goals – to share information and best practices with forward-thinking mortgage pros – and are now taking it to the next level. Beyond a single conference, we are building a living ecosystem of innovation and insight to move the mortgage industry forward every day of the year.

Our Mission

At Mortgage Innovators, we commit ourselves to making information and resources more accessible for anyone navigating the mortgage industry. Our mission is to demystify the mortgage lifecycle in order to empower professionals to take advantage of all that the market has to offer.

Our Vision

We envision a mortgage industry that is both easier to navigate and more technologically advanced. Long-term, we are confident that Mortgage Innovators will help reshape the industry for the better, driving efficiency and progress.

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