Let’s talk Secondary Marketing

So, what is Secondary Marketing all about?

Secondary marketing involves finding a buyer for a loan that the lender originates — on the “secondary market.”


This might involve finding investors or Wall Street institutions who want to buy mortgage loans. Hedging and rate locks play a key role in preparing loans for the secondary market.


Secondary marketing software solutions can help mortgage lenders find buyers on the secondary market, manage their hedging pipeline, and strategize their rate locks to create the most profitable sale possible.

Secondary Marketing Benefits

For Mortgage Professionals

Quick Cash Flow

Secondary marketing helps agencies, especially smaller agencies, monetize their loans for quick cash flow.

More Profit

By streamlining, increasing the effectiveness, or decreasing secondary marketing costs, mortgage agencies can make more profit off the secondary market.

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Secondary Marketing Companies

Compass Analytics
MCT Trading
Resitrader by Optimal Blue

Seller Digital by Black Knight
Strategic Vantage


Secondary Marketing Resources

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Choosing the Right Technology Vendor

We go through the complete decision-making process when choosing the right technology vendors, helping you make the most of every step.


Secondary Marketing Insights

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