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Choosing The Right Technology Vendor

In Choosing the Right Technology Vendor, we go through the decision-making process, helping you make the most of every step.

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Blog-Third-party risk managementis even more critical duringCOVID-19 outbreak

Third-party risk management (TPRM) and vendor oversight have always been a vital necessity for companies. But conducting vendor evaluations is a time-consuming, expensive process, especially

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Author: Volly What is retention? Retention is the ability of a company to attract repeating sales from their existing customers. Prioritizing customer retention directs the

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Blog-Ten Ways Appraisal TechReduces Costs & Booststhe Bottom Line

This article was originally published in Today’s Lending Insight by the Progress in Lending Association. Brian Zitin CEO | Reggora When considering which strategic initiatives to

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Blog-The Hidden Costsof Appraisals

Brian Zitin CEO | Reggora When executives at any company determine strategic initiatives, there are a variety of factors that determine their prioritizations, but typically

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Author: Top of Mind As a mortgage lender, you may not have thought about implementing a mass text messaging communication strategy. But with increased adoption of integrated mortgage

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Blog post by Reggora In today’s mortgage market, there are few things more important than high borrower satisfaction scores. One of the biggest factors in

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