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Choosing The Right Technology Vendor

In Choosing the Right Technology Vendor, we go through the decision-making process, helping you make the most of every step.

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Blog post by Reggora Underwriters are among a lender’s highest-paid salaried employees, and their time should be used in the most effective way possible. For

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You already understand the importance of capturing and scrutinizing business data for insights into the health of your lending institution. And you’re well aware of

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This post originally appeared on Qualia When it comes to borrower experience, point of sale (POS) technology is typically the first thing that comes to

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Blog-Lender Staffing Data Signals Need to Automate Back Office and Monitor Performance

There was an element of déjà vu in how our industry responded to 2020’s breathtaking volume. Lenders staffed up across the board — especially in

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Blog-Third-party risk managementis even more critical duringCOVID-19 outbreak

Third-party risk management (TPRM) and vendor oversight have always been a vital necessity for companies. But conducting vendor evaluations is a time-consuming, expensive process, especially

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Josh Friend CEO | Insellerate The Insellerate platform, in the last three years alone, has handled over 2.6 million borrower applications and 66 million prospects.

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