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Choosing The Right Technology Vendor

In Choosing the Right Technology Vendor, we go through the decision-making process, helping you make the most of every step.

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Josh Friend CEO | Insellerate Today’s borrower is tech-savvy, digitally focused, and want’s communication to be frequent, timely, personal and highly engaging through multiple channels.

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Blog-Three Reasons LendersShould Be CollectingAppraisal Fees Up Front

Brian Zitin CEO | Reggora Here’s a hot take for all the folks in the mortgage industry: I think that Loan Officers should be collecting

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Author: Colin Graf, Metasource Now that remote work is part of the new normal for businesses, cloud-based collaboration on digital platforms, along with cloud-based file

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Peter Drucker, one of the most acclaimed, influential thinkers on management, wrote “The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous.” These are profound words

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Author: Notarize   As the world rushed to digitize during the pandemic, most consumers say they still prefer extra verification steps — despite causing some

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Blog-Ten Questions toAsk eClosing Providers

When you’re adopting digital closings for the first time, it’s difficult to know what you should be looking for and asking vendors. Many lenders realize

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