Let’s talk Alert Monitoring

So, what is Alert Monitoring all about?

Alert monitoring refers to software solutions that alert a lender if a customer or prospect applies for a mortgage from another lender, lists their property, etc.


This not only helps mortgage lenders identify opportunities for customer retention or customers to watch out for, but it also helps them to identify fraud or customers who are double-dealing.

Alert Monitoring Benefits

For Mortgage Professionals

Avoid Fraud

Alert monitoring helps lenders identify cases of mortgage fraud before they happen.

Prevent Double-Dealing

Alert monitoring helps lenders identify customers who are “double-apping” — committing to more than one loan application, only to back out of one or all of them.

Focus On Loyal Customers

Loan originators don’t have to waste their time with applicants who play games. Instead, they can focus on serious and committed applicants.

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Mortgage Specific Alert Monitoring Companies

Meet Sales Boomerang

Sales Boomerang’s groundbreaking automated borrower intelligence system notifies mortgage lenders when a customer or prospect is ready and credit-qualified for a loan. To date, Sales Boomerang has helped 150+ leading lenders close over $150 billion in additional loan volume and outperform industry customer retention rates by 3-5X.


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Alert Monitoring Insights

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