Capital Markets

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Hedging and risk management software can help lenders track interest rates to find the best rate-lock moment and then identify the hedging strategy for a profitable sale on the secondary market.

Non-QM Lending

Many quality borrowers are not able to obtain mortgage financing due to strict conventional lending guidelines. Non-qualified mortgage products help fill this gap.

Portfolio Retention

Portfolio retention software solutions help lenders track their portfolio, assess the risk of payoff for each client, and even ping the user if a borrower applies for a loan with a competitor.

Private Money Lending

Private money lending is an alternative mortgage source for borrowers who need fast funding and may not meet standard mortgage qualification.

Secondary Marketing

Secondary marketing software solutions can help mortgage lenders find buyers on the secondary market, manage their hedging pipeline, and strategize their rate locks to create the most profitable sale possible.


Servicing means collecting payments and performing all aspects of customer service expected between the borrower and the note-holder. This may mean less immediate cash flow but more long-term profit. Software solutions and third parties may help lenders streamline their loan servicing processes or help them find dependable sub-servicers.

Warehouse Lending

Warehouse lending or “warehouse line” is a line of credit given to a mortgage lender which allows them to fund their own loans.

Wholesale Lending

Wholesale mortgage lending provides mortgage products directly to mortgage brokers for solicitation to borrowers.

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