Blog post by Adam Carmel, CEO & Founder, Polly

Keeping in lockstep with evolving market conditions

While lenders face a steep volume decline in comparison to last year’s refi boom, current market conditions create an ideal time to plan for the future and set your mortgage operations up for success. Many have already taken the opportunity to examine internal processes and procedures, and truly assess whether their existing mortgage tech stack is equipped to maximize efficiencies and identify every basis point of revenue possible.


For the first time ever, lenders have access to modern, cloud-native capital markets technology that allows them to move with market conditions and scale business in an easier, far more configurable way. Polly’s vertically integrated solutions enable lenders to configure as much as they want and/or need, and to do so with as much flexibility as they require. Access to this level of functional depth is key to optimizing mortgage operations in any market environment.

Redefining the mortgage process with modern, advanced technology

The desire to operate faster, smarter, and more profitably is what drives capital markets and secondary teams to seek out the most technically advanced, customizable solutions available. Leveraging a platform that allows for the capital markets function to be automated facilitates the ability to grow as a business while reducing the need to hire in excess. Scalable software further enables lenders to effectively meet the demands of an industry prone to unpredictable ebbs and flows without the worry of continually onboarding and offloading additional staff. 


My advice to lenders who are ready to make the switch: look for true, proven differentiation. Polly has completely re-architected the traditional PPE with patent-pending technology to facilitate speed, accuracy, and confidence across all loan pricing and lock desk processes.


Ask yourself: does my current Product and Pricing Engine (PPE) allow me to effortlessly configure rules, manage margins with infinite dimensions, and quickly distribute pricing across all channels? From real-time API integrations and flexible lock desk workflow automation to intuitive rule management and a fully customizable user experience, Polly’s revolutionary PPE was designed to accommodate a variety of business needs and helps lenders stay on pace with an evolving mortgage landscape. 


Take today’s market for example. With non-QM on the rise, lenders need a robust platform that will help streamline internal processes for non-traditional loans so that they are equipped to satisfy existing non-QM borrower demand and expand their competitive footprint with new borrowers that meet this criterion.

The power of collaboration

At Polly, we are obsessed with our customers’ happiness and success. Our entire team is laser focused on constant and consistent innovation that is driven entirely by customer engagement; collaboration is key. 


Gone are the days of purchasing PPE technology, just to find it quickly become obsolete due to a lack of innovation and product updates. Polly maintains a commitment to the weekly release of product updates and enhancements (at least 50+ per year), all driven by customer engagement. This customer-centric approach is designed to ensure the value of our cloud-native technologies to a lender’s business will continue to increase over time.

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