Blog-DIY Mortgage Social MediaMarketing Tools

Renita Davis

Content Specialist | Top of Mind

Social media marketing is vital to gathering leads, showing up in searches, and staying top of mind with potential borrowers.

Mortgage professionals need to have a strong online presence and, specifically, a social media presence. But you may not have the budget to hire someone to manage it all for you. That’s where mortgage social media marketing tools come in.


We wanted to find the mortgage social media marketing tools that have proven helpful for professionals who use them every day, so we turned to our own Maddie Hughes. As Top of Mind’s marketing coordinator, she is not only familiar with how loan officers use social media, but she also manages our firm’s social media strategies on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.


We asked Maddie some questions about the do-it-yourself mortgage social media marketing tools she uses herself and recommends to maximize time and investment.

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